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Guppies and Shrimp

TL;DR Short Version Guppies And Shrimp Guppies and shrimp make great tankmates. All types of dwarf shrimp, be it cherry shrimp, blue shrimp or ghost shrimp can peacefully and sustainably live with guppies.  They occupy different levels of the tank, have very peaceful tempers, and eat the same food. But to make the tank last, …

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Guppies And Mollies

TL;DR Summary Guppies and Mollies Guppies and Mollies can live together- under certain conditions. If you are a first-time fishkeeper who is looking for the easiest solution possible- then you won’t like this pair. Here’s why: 20-gallon tank minimum. Guppies and mollies are both active fish, so they need plenty of swimming space. A good rule …

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