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Fishkeeping Reduces Stress

Research has shown that watching a fish tank can help reduce stress and anxiety.

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Our course is designed for those who know nothing about fish tanks. In this 5-module course, you’ll learn everything you need to know so you can start your fish tank today.

We believe all animals should receive quality care, so we made this course free.

Freshwater Fish Are The Most Popular Pet In America

After dogs and cats

6 M
Households in America own a freshwater fish

What Others Are Saying

Never wanted to get guppies since they were common, and I thought they’d be the “newbie” fish you get.
Then one day I got a guppy, and immediately I fell in love with the little spunky guy. So much personality, such pretty colours. I had him for over a year, not sure what happened one day, and then he passed.
Got an almost all white, with hint of green (shimmers gold) kind of guppy and he’s gorgeous, LOVE him.

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