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Expert Guides

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Beginner Friendly

Every guide is written for the absolute beginner- even if you've never touch a tank before

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Flattening the learning curve and saving you time with easy-to-consume bits of information


Hardy & Resilient

Community Fish​​

Vibrant Colors

Guppies are perfect fo beginners because of their burst of vibrant colors and low-maintenance lifestyle. They are extremely resilient to changing water conditions which makes caring for them a simple, quick routine.


Hardy & Resilient

Solo Fish​

Vibrant Colors​

Bettas are famous for their striking colors and flowing fins, bringing elegance to your tank. They are also easy to care for and thrive in smaller spaces. Betta personalities are as diverse as their colors, making each one a unique and interactive addition to your aquatic family.


Hardy & Resilient

Community Friendly​

Grow Large​

Goldfish are famous for their ability to adapt to water conditions- making caring for them an easy, beginner-friendly task. They are known for their longevity and can grow into very impressive sizes.

Dwarf Shrimp​

Hardy & Resilient

Community Friendly​

Vibrant Colors

Shrimp are great for beginners because they come in an array of vibrant colors that instantly beautify any aquarium. They are easy to care for and get along with most other community fish.

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